Play Free Spins at the Best Microgaming Slots Machines

Microgaming is a leading provider of unique slots with free spin bonuses that can be highly profitable and overwhelmingly pleasant both for beginner players and experienced gambling veterans alike. Discover the special traits that make extra rounds one of the most desired features in online staking houses!

Top Slots with Free Spins from Microgaming

Demo Modes for Freebies

A wise approach would be to spend your Microgaming free spins on titles that you’ve never played before, yet think that they might suit your taste and expectations. Before investing money in your betting session on such slots, roll a couple of extra rounds to see if the overall mechanics and payout rates meet your preferences. Thus, you’ll be able to find a couple of potential new favorite machines and maybe even strike some easy cash in the process.

Best Funs Features

Slot machines are rarely clones of one another, and that’s true concerning the free spins on them too. Each title has certain peculiarities that make it unique and standing out from the multi-hundred crowd of the competition, so let’s learn the most important differences that could impact your betting experience.

Amount of Bonus Turns

The size of your extra rounds pack can vary greatly regardless of the way you’ve won them. Be it a bonus from your Microgaming casino or an in-game feature you’ve managed to activate, the amount of free spins is usually under 100, but sometimes can be much more than that. In certain cases, their count is so huge that it’s broken down into several parts that you can use either at that very moment or a bit later, often on a different slot machine, so celebrate diversity!

Winnings in Microgaming Games

Microgaming Free Spins at the Best Slot Machines

All Microgaming titles can be roughly divided into low and high variance slots, and this is depicted in their paytables. The first type of machines is the best pick for those players that don’t really expect a straightforward fortune at first roll but are aiming to spend as much time playing as possible. The incidence of winning combinations is relatively high, but their size is much lower than the average, letting you to sit for hours waiting for that desired and rare big win.

Contrary to the described pattern, high-risk spinning machines give out combos less generously, yet their magnitude can be literally life-changing. To achieve success at such games you’d better brace yourself for long dry chains and have enough on your balance to actually meet your dream prize.

Index RTP

This abbreviation stands for “Return to Player”. It’s a term that staking houses use to estimate the average amount of money that the player will get back from the slots title in the long run. For example, if the said index of your spinning machine is 87%, you can expect to receive around $87 from each hundred of dollars that you bet. Naturally, this is a rough estimate and works only on an extensive pattern, meaning that it’s still possible to strike a jackpot on roll #1. But, in general, a higher RTP means lower risks for you, so keep that clear!

List of Slots with Imposing Free Spins Offers from Casinos

Best Microgaming Slots with Free Spins

Now that you’re armed with fundamental knowledge regarding free spins, it’s time to check out some impressive Microgaming slots for that matter. If you’re into Nordic mythology, Thunderstruck might be a terrific choice with four distinct bonus rounds.

Burning Desire is a good shot for those folks that tend to a more traditional experience, while Immortal Romance brings you a vampiresque setting to enjoy. And let’s not forget about pop culture icons: The Dark Knight is a fantastic branded title with numerous extra turns for you to profit on. But there are dozens of other fantastic opportunities, so take your time to explore!