High Valued Free Spins Features from Microgaming

Super spins from Microgaming are a new trend in the bonus paradigm: one that’s rapidly gaining popularity among fans, as it gives a chance to win significant sums of money with or without any wagering requirements. With high-value free turns, fortune is just a couple of clicks away, so seize your luck!

Microgaming New Trend - Super Spins for Free

The Main Difference from Regular

Roughly speaking, super spins are a subcategory of extra rounds, but they have significant differences that can drastically influence your winnings, turning a basic win into a rather profitable prize in just a second or two.

The Value of Promo

Just for starters, the baseline value of super spins is considerably higher than that of the regular extra turns. Naturally, this increases the size of your potential rewards manifold, even of those that are at the very start of your slots’ paytable. For you, this fact means that even with the slightest trace of luck on your side you’ll be qualified to win massive amounts of cash!

Deposit Amount

Use Your Super Free Spins from Microgaming

Being a highly lucrative opportunity, super turns are not granted for all and sundry. Online Microgaming casinos with free spins usually give them out as a bonus after large deposits and the higher amount of money you send to your account, the more of this reward you’ll get. Naturally, each round will be much more valuable itself, so you’d better think twice before boosting your balance: maybe it would be wiser to add some extra bucks for the magnificent chance of putting your hands on these mega rolls.

Wagering Conditions

In some cases, super rolls are subjected to wagering requirements, which work just the same way as they do with regular free spins.

Super Big Free Spins from Microgaming

If that’s your scenario and you manage to win something, you’ll have to play through your reward a certain amount of times (30-60, as a rule) before cashing it out. Always check the official Terms and Rules of your staking house (and its Bonus Policy section too) so that this issue won’t come unexpectedly.

Wins with Super Free Spins from Microgaming

So, what prizes you can win with Microgaming super spins, exactly? For example, it could be additional bonus rounds (regular or mega ones), which could also lead to further winnings if you’re lucky. Next, there’s real money, increased by the great value of each roll and offering you the chance to strike a real treasure. You never know beforehand what is going to fall on your reels, but the odds will be on your side, so keep turning for success!