Complete a Task to Get Microgaming Free Spins

Getting yourself some free spins is so much easier than it looks. For example, an excellent opportunity is to fulfill in-platform assignments at Microgaming casinos. They’re not just fun and refreshing to play, but also really profitable, especially when done regularly. One daily mission – and you’re on your way towards a fortune!

Get Microgaming Free Spins by Doing Task

The First Mission – Use a Welcome Bonus

To have a glimpse of what your upcoming assignments will be like, finish your first task by using up your welcome bonus. After you’re done with the registration process (mention all data that the online casino may ask from you), you’ll be automatically granted a pack of Microgaming free spins. Play through them – and earn some more bonuses for the successful ending of your quest!

Assignment’s System

Each day you’ll receive a set of missions opened for completing, so it goes without a trace of doubt that you’ll never be sitting idly for long. Follow the provided instructions, savour your rewards and come back the next day for further excitement.

Missions for Receiving Microgaming Free Spins

Check Your Email Box

You’ll be promptly notified of the arrival of new missions and tasks either by email or by SMS, depending on the preferred method chosen in the settings of your account. Check the inbox of your device every once in a while, and never miss an easy opportunity to gain pleasant bonuses by enjoying yourself at Microgaming staking houses.


When clearing Microgaming missions, you’re not chained to a particular device. The majority of online casinos are adapted to work elegantly on all modern mobiles, tablets, desktop PCs, and laptops, so grab your favorite gadget and continue gambling whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Free Spins after a Fulfillment of Tasks from Microgaming

After successfully finishing a mission, you’ll be granted an amount of points depending on the difficulty level of the task. When you accumulate enough, an option is to exchange them for free spins.

Acomplish a Mission - Grab Free Turn from Microgaming

The rate of such a transaction may vary, but it often amounts to an absolute equivalent, meaning that you’ll get an extra round for each token swapped. This is a highly lucrative undertaking, as the money earned from bonus turns can be easily withdrawn in a brief series of clicks.

What If I Fail?

And while all of this sounds like some sort of gambling dream full of easy free money, not   all missions are actually that simple to fulfill. But in case you don’t succeed at first, don’t worry, your assignment will be saved and archived, waiting for you to return the next day for a revanche. This procedure isn’t restricted to a specific number of times, so you can be absolutely confident that your mission won’t be canceled in case you fail yet again. Keep your attitude and enjoy the process – everything else will be a sheer excitement!