Keep Your Time – Play Microgaming Free Spins with Low Variance

The chance of striking a huge jackpot by playing slots is always inviting, but what if you want to enjoy your time, even if that means coping with humble rewards? Microgaming video and classic spinning machines with low variance are the perfect solutions for such a wish: play longer, win easier and get free spins more often even on a tight budget!

Factors and Conditions in Video Slots

Microgaming Free Spins on Low Risk Slot Machines

Of course, low variance video slots have certain peculiarities to consider in your betting session if you want to achieve greater results. For example, on such titles as Monster Mania, it’s recommended to always stake the highest amount of coins (nine, specifically) allowed to boost your odds for maximum winnings. While on spinning machines like Moonshine and Munchkins it is preferred to stick to lower bets, as the incidence of Microgaming free rolls granted is fairly regular (each 88 turns, roughly) and achievable even without massive investments. So research and plan your strategy beforehand if you aim for success.

Paylines Matter

Microgaming Free Turns with Low Variance

An indisputable benefit of Microgaming low variance video slots is that they usually have more paylines than the average spinning machine. Accordingly, your chances to win something are also higher, but the usual prizes are rather small so that everything remains balanced in the end. You could say that it’s all a matter of style and preference: some players like regular winnings disregarding their size, while others would rather go through a dry chain of hollow turns for the sake of hitting a significant reward a bit later.

Launching Bonus Rounds

Free spins are quite common in low-risk Microgaming slots. Speaking of statistics: usually, you’ll be granted a set of extra rounds after each 80-100 common ones. The only requirement for that is to gather a certain amount of scattered symbols of your title. In some cases, you’ll also need to go through a picking game after that to receive your 10-15 bonus turns. These can be unbelievably valuable in low variance spinning machines thanks to the increased number of multipliers and special tokens, so go for it!

Games Payouts

To be sure of the prizes you can expect from your chosen title, just check its paytable. All the paylines, winning combinations and according rewards are specified there, as well as all bonus features and their respective triggers.

Microgaming Free Spins in Low Variance Fruit Machines

A crucial aspect of low variance Microgaming classic slots is how you use your free spins. For better results, just follow these easy tips and increase your winnings manifold!

Place Max Bet in Extra Turns

Low Variance Slots with Free Spins from Microgaming

The general rule throughout the majority of low variance titles with regular extra round bonuses is to place lower bets on common turns and increase them significantly on your free spins. For example, if your spinning machine has three paylines, each of them should be covered by a coin, so your max bet will amount to three per spin. This approach will allow you to compete for the largest prizes available, so keep it in mind.

Fewer Lines – More Chances to Win Jackpot

Although a lower number of paylines is usually associated with a lower incidence of wins, there’s an exception to that: many slots with fewer lines have a higher chance to bring you a jackpot! It won’t be anything cosmic in low variance titles, usually amounting to a maximum of a thousand of Euros (or the equivalent, depending on your preferences), but taking into account that this type of spinning machines does not take much budget to enjoy, this is still a great outcome. Keep your attitude and perseverance – luck comes to those who dare!

Wagering Requirements Can Be Profitable

After reading the above-mentioned peculiarities of low variance slots, perhaps you’ve guessed it out already: in case you get a casino promo, wagering requirements can be quite profitable on such titles, as the frequency of winning combinations is higher than throughout other machines. By playing Microgaming low-risk games, you’ll quickly meet your betting goals and even get yourself some extra dollars as a pleasant bonus!