Assure You Use Certified Free Spins from Microgaming

The leading provider of gambling titles offers its players the exciting opportunity to enjoy certified Microgaming casinos free spins, but it also takes severe measures to penalize those who try to cheat. Restrain from illegal actions if you want to keep playing your favorite slots!

  Secured by the Authorities

The security and fairness of virtual casinos are always ensured by third-party auditing authorities so players can always be sure that no shady financial operations are present in these certified staking houses. Perhaps, the most well-known and authoritative instances are eCOGRA and MGA.

Microgaming Free Spins with Fair Play


ECOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is an international auditing agency based in London. Microgaming is a founding member of this organization, and this fact can be considered as a proof of the provider’s dedication to the fairness of gambling and protection of the players’ funds. Any title approved by the said auditor is safe to enjoy, so make your bets and grab your winnings!


MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) is an independent organization specializing in the certification and fairness-assurance of all gambling instances in the archipelago. This respectable auditor is well-known for its vigorous evaluation of the crucial aspects of the player’s rights and safety, so its seal is an almost fail-proof indicator of reliable providers. All Microgaming titles are MGA-approved, leaving you no doubts regarding the transparency of your bets and potential winnings: everything will be fair and square, zero exceptions.

Honest Play of Microgaming Free Spins

The Honest Play of Microgaming Free Spins from the Player’s Side

Online casino providers put a lot of efforts and money into ensuring that your gambling experience, including in free promo, will always be safe and honest, so it’s only natural for them to expect the same attitude from you. Therefore, ambiguous actions that can be considered as unfair lead to strict penalties. It’s essential that you check the Terms and Conditions of your staking house, as well as the Bonus Policy section to be sure of what types of behavior can be considered as an “irregular play.”

Irregular Actions

In general, a “fair play” is thought to be an intentional and conscious desire to risk one’s funds through the gambling process. Everything beyond this definition may be deemed as an “irregular action” and thus subjected to penalties according to the Rules of the staking house. Here’s a brief list of the most common irregularities:

  • Currency switching (from weaker to stronger) before a sum arrives into your account for the purpose of illegally increasing the amount of it.
  • Winning a substantial prize, then drastically dropping the bets by 75% or more for the sake of meeting wagering requirements for free spins.
  • Following staking patterns.
  • Making a deposit and significantly modifying your betting behavior to fulfill the conditions for extra turns received.

Safe Free Spins from Microgaming

Penalization Measures

If a player commits something from the list above (or anything else from the prohibited actions specified in the Rules section of your platform), it’s safe to say that a penalization of some sort will take place. Usually, it amounts to the confiscation of all bonuses and related winnings from the account in question, but sometimes the violator can even be banned from the online casino permanently.

Some providers go even further by blocking access from the person’s IP or personal data, forever preventing him or her from using the services of the betting room ever again. So, it’s always better to stick to the safe and honest approach, rather than be exiled as some kind of criminal. Keep a fair attitude to profit at a staking house, and never think that you know how to trick the system!